Vocational Trainings for Youth and Women from Nagorno-Karabakh


In September 2023, following 9 months of blockade and days of military assault, over 100,000 Armenians fled from their ancestral homes in Nagorno Karabagh and moved to Armenia hoping to find safe homes there.

The goal of this activity is to help the women and 15-19 year-old young people that have settled in or near Vanadzor, to enhance their qualifications for finding jobs and to facilitate their integration in the local community and the Armenian society.

For that purpose, vocational educational activities will be organized for women, and integration trainings will be conducted for the young people.

The activities will be conducted at Boo Alternative House, Vanadzor (Armenia). They will be implemented by EcoHub and supported by Villa Fohrde – Bildungs- und Kulturhaus e.V.