Social Entrepreneurship


EcoHub runs its own social enterprise called Boo Alt House. The Foundation also helps others start social businesses.

1. Education: We organize trainings for the beginners in social entrepreneurship to help them design ideas, plan actions and finances, and consult with experienced experts. The social entrepreneurship education program is composed of 6 steps:

  • idea for change,
  • project management,
  • blended learning through online learning and consultations with experts,
  • independent learning and founding social enterprises,
  • need-based workshops on the topics selected by the participants,
  • reflection and perspectives.

2. Discussion forums: In cooperation with other actors active in the sphere of social entrepreneurship, we organize conferences and forums where representatives of public bodies, social entrepreneurship experts, development assistance providers and social entrepreneurs meet. We facilitate discussions on issues such as legislation, tax regulations, capacity development opportunities, etc. Parallel to such events social entrepreneurship markets are often organized where different enterprises can showcase and sell their products.

3. Publications: We have published a social entrepreneurship guidebook for civil society organizations.

4. Social entrepreneurship: We continuously develop our own social enterprise, Boo Alt House, which allows us to invest in the preservation and development of the Vanadzor Canyon.