Boo Alt House

Boo Alt House is located in Vanadzor Canyon, at a beautiful spot in forested mountains and a mountain river. This part of the canyon used to be the “summer house area” of Vanadzor and was largely abandoned after the 1990s crises. In 2016 EcoHub bought an old summer house building in the canyon and started transforming it to a unique place for non formal education, team retreats and leisure. Dozens of volunteers and supporters have been contributing to this transformation since then.

The Idea of Boo Alt House

Since 2011, EcoHub has been conducting non-formal education courses on sustainable development and active citizenship for young people from all over Armenia. We needed a well-designed and friendly space to keep this work going. Many of our team members live in Vanadzor, so this is where we chose to build this space which we called Boo Alt House. Vanadzor Canyon caught us with its beautiful nature, peaceful and secluded location. This place would allow us to realize our ideas of sustainability: to find alternative energy sources, to reuse and recycle, to serve delicious vegetarian food, to be close to nature. Boo Alt House would also secure economic independence for EcoHub: we would save money on renting hotel spaces and would have an income from giving our own space for rent. We would be able to provide part of the income to funding the initiatives of EcoHub’s alumni in different towns and villages of Armenia.

Social and Ecological Investments

The reconstruction of Boo Alt House was possible thanks to the idea of social and ecological investments. What is this?,- one may wonder. We called on our friends in Armenia and abroad and asked them to lend us 500 Euros or more for a period of 3 years. We settled to pay back the debt in 3 installments, accompanied with gift packages made by the alumni of EcoHub’s projects. Around 30 people responded to the call, and some of them chose to donate their investment rather than lend it. We also wrote letters to different construction companies, hotels, charitable organizations and asked for in-kind donations. e.g. slightly damaged tiles or furniture items. This is how we collected almost the entire amount of necessary construction materials.

Boo Alt House hosts

Trainings and workshops

Young people from all over Armenia come here to share knowledge, to learn new skills and develop their creativity.

Tourism and recreation

The House is suitable for spending holidays with family or friends. It is also a comfortable accommodation option for those who want to hike in the Vanadzor Canyon for a few days.

Yoga and meditation retreats

A perfectly secluded place for yoga and medication seminars and retreats.


Hiking, camping and bird-watching equipment rental is available.


The House can host a wide variety of events including children camps, outdoor sports events, team retreats and more.

Accommodation conditions and restrictions

  • Boo Alt House can host up to 20 people at a time
  • There are 2 dorms with 8 beds in each, and 4 smaller rooms with 2-4 beds in each
  • The first floor of the House, as well as the training and dining room are adjusted for people in wheelchair
  • A large and comfortable training room is available
  • Several toilets and showers are available, running cold and hot water 24/7
  • Phone connection is poor, no internet

Boo Alt House is one of the places where I can focus on ideas. This place is a great inspiration for me! I communicate with like-minded people and feel the nature from its very source.

Lusine Karapetyan

EcoHub Alumni and Mentor

Inspiring, sustainable place with good food surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Sebastian Wehrsig

Facilitator and Manager for Sustainable Development at Villa Fohrde, Germany

Boo Alt House is a real alternative for someone looking for a place to run away from daily hustle and noise. It is a perfect place to focus and boost creativity, find peace and relax, be in harmony with nature and plan projects for changing the world. This is a great place for non-formal education projects.

Silva Mesropyan

Certified Management Consultant, Coach

Boo House is a wonderful hidden treasure up a beautiful canyon near Vanadzor. Even more impressive than the natural beauty is the professional staff and programming found there. For those looking for professional development in social entrepreneurship, environmental education and other disciplines, Boo House is a excellent option.

Kirk Wallace

Aquaponic Specialist, MAquaponics LLC

A beautiful house with beautiful people! I had a wonderful experience with you!

Rebecca Maccia

Contemporary dance performer

Whether you need to relax or to focus on your next big idea, Boo Alt House is a great place to do this. It is excellent for workshops and team events, with wonderful facilities that allow you to work hard and also have a great time together.

Nazareth Seferian

Independent CSR and Social Entrepreneurship Professional

Boo Alt House is tranquil! I had heard about this place earlier but it was only when I experienced it myself that I truly understood its magic. It is a place for reflection, collaboration and team building. On top of its spirit, the training center is well aligned with the sustainability principles, including locally produced food, new energy and up-cycled items. It is a gem for the whole youth community in Armenia and abroad.

Nathalie Sajda

Social Entrepreneurship and Education Expert, Founder of FractalEight